Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode Twenty-Five: Monkey Fun

As a child, Lois befriends Titano, a monkey who is later lost in space during a disastrous rocket test.  In the present day, Titano is rediscovered by Superman.  The authorities are happy to give Titano to Lois, if only to ge the little monkey out of their hair.  Titano doesn't stay small for long, however, as the exposure to space radiation makes him grow to enormous size and run amok.  Superman and Titano battle through and amusement park, but  Titano can only be stopped when Lois uses a childhood toy to lull the beast to sleep.

Evan:  This was an unremarkable, but perfectly acceptable, half hour of television.  Titano is the sort of Superman villain that really doesn't work on any emotional or intellectual level.  He's a giant ape.  So rooting him in Lois' past let us get to know her a little better, and provided a showcase for Lois to save the day.  They also resisted having a roaring Titano fighting Superman amongst the skyscrapers of Metropolis, giving the fight an interesting setting.

The showdown in this episode wasn't about whether or not Superman could stop Titano, but was about whether they could stop him without hurting him or before he could accidentally hurt anyone else.  The third act moved pretty quickly, and we got to the conclusion in a nice little package.

I honestly can only barely remember the details on this one.  It was fine, and the idea that they just put Titano on an island to be the problem of some other (regular sized) monkeys makes me very happy.  No way will Lex Luthor ever use this monkey to threaten Superman.

Kristin: This episode had so little impact on me that it took me weeks to work myself into saying something about it. Titano is boring. Giant monsters are boring. The most interesting offering was the glimpse of Lois' past and the sentimentality that clouded the screen as in every giant monkey plot ever conceived.

Yep. Boring. I want Lex to come back. Evan just wants us to get to Batman.

Final Thoughts: Boring but acceptable.

Evan's Episode Rating: 6.5/10 (Lois Lane Ratio: 0 incompetent / 2 insane) - Am I the only one that thinks letting a monkey that has been traumatized by a space disaster live with you is a terrible idea?  That's some good Lois crazy.

Kristin's Episode Rating: 5/10 - Zzzzzzz.


  1. Don't worry,
    I'm sure the next episode will be a TEN!

    ... right guys?

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blAG!!
    I will only be happy doing this thing.. pour example.. todays meal is like, a cup of white white, shrimp, mushrooms on brown rice with fresh garlic and ginger and I am happy. white wine rules the world. love ya!